Abundance Trafford

We are a new project, set up by volunteers, to collect surplus fruit and vegetables in the Old Trafford, Urmston and Stretford areas (though we will travel further afield for plentiful supplies!).  The idea is to then distribute this to charities/organisations who require food donations and thus reduce food waste.  You can help by:

– volunteering to pick fruit during the harvest season (August – October)

– have a fruit tree in your garden and are happy for us to come and pick

– have an allotment or vegetable garden and are happy to donate surplus

– have a bike trailer we can borrow!

– are a charity or organisation who would welcome donations of this kind

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2 Responses to Abundance Trafford

  1. Bart Frith Market Development Officer, Trafford council says:

    I am looking for a group who might be interested in developing a small garden plot owned by Trafford council in the Sale area.
    We would be looking for a group who would be willing to work with/teach social care service users. The plot might be suitable for a herb garden or sensory garden.
    if you are interested please reply to Bart.frith@trafford.gov.uk

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