Our first year

As the weather gets colder there is time to reflect on our first year, and look forward to warmer weather and picking in 2011.

In 2010 we established the group and did some picking and distribution of fruit to groups in the North of Trafford borough.  There were some obstacles, mainly a lack of equipment!  We want to be able to operate in a sustainable way, using bike trailers but our group does not own anything suitable.  What we need are boxy trailers that can transport ladders to a picking site and ladders and apples after picking.

Some of the picking done this year was only possible because the trees were very local to where we live, so we carried ladders and used panniers to bring the apples home and transport them on to a group.   Word started to get around about the group too, so people left apples outside one of our houses, saving picking time.

We’re going to request funding to enable us to buy a couple of bike trailers and some extra hitches (so the trailers can be shared amongst the group), ladders and a bit of money to print some flyers so we can publicise our group.  Fingers crossed we get the money so 2011 can be a productive picking year for Abundance Trafford.

Our thanks to Abundance Manchester for sharing their experience – which was essential in getting the group started.

If you’d like to get involved, please get in touch on abundancetrafford@gmail.com

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